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Solutions for Infrastructure Construction

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

The use of HDD was developed to install utility pipes and cables beneath or around a variety of surface obstacles, including; roads, rivers and railways.  The technology was conceived in the 1970’s combining techniques used by road boring and oil and gas directional drilling. HDD’s are relatively compact and possess a small footprint that allows equipment to be set up in tight spaces.

A two-person crew is required including a drill operator and tracker.  The tracker directs the progress of the drill. Adjustment to the drill line and level is made throughout the process with the use of a sonde located in the drill head achieving a very high degree of accuracy.

Advantages of HDD

HDD equipment set up time is minimal as is the labour requirements. The method provides an effective way of obtaining sub-surface soil samples and enables site characterization of areas otherwise obstructed. Obtaining soil samples allows for accurate determination and extent of potential contaminations. Other applications of HDD include the installation of in-situ drainage/pumping mechanisms and potential for bioremediation.


Specialty Trenching

This technology provides opportunity to place kilometers of road drainage tile and is the most effective placement methods. High speed trenching was developed for the installation of utility pipes, drainage tile and foundations. Trenchers are equipped with conveyors for loading excavated materials.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

SUE is a proven engineering process that can reduce the number of subsurface utility accidents, damages, claims and significant constructions delays. This process locates, depicts and disseminates vital information before construction in order to avoid costly surprises.  The use of SUE allows engineers to determine geographic regions that could otherwise be undesirable.


·       Subsurface Utility Designating

·       Subsurface Utility Physical Locating

·       Subsurface Utility Surveying

·       Data Management

·       Professional Services


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GUCI pride ourselves in providing customer service excellence. Our team members are dedicated, professional and highly skilled.


We able to access an array of services through our various industry partners.  We work closely with Greely Construction, G-Tel Engineering and Dig-Safe when required.